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  • 21 Sep 2018 9:05 AM | Liam O'Halloran (Administrator)

    NDCC Council Member Marina Bleahen is launching a new business and is inviting NDCC members and Guests to the official launch of Engage & Grow in Ireland. A strong culture is a critical component for the success of all teams.  It is something the greatest organisations have and those at the bottom aspire to replicate.

    Engage and Grow is neurologically designed to reinvent cultures and fast track productivity, profitability and develop emerging leaders. Over the last couple of years,  a number of programmes in Ireland have achieved stunning results, transforming teams from zero % engagement to upwards of 50% with a huge jump in the profitability of the Companies involved. 

    To book your place at the launch event in Croke Park on Friday September 28th go to:

  • 2 Mar 2018 12:05 PM | Liam O'Halloran (Administrator)

    The vast majority of small and medium enterprises (SME) across the island of Ireland have no formal Brexit plans as negativity remains high in the manufacturing, hospitality and tourism sectors.

    According to AIB’s fourth quarter 2017 Brexit Sentiment Index, just 6 per cent of SMEs in the Republic have a formal plan in place to deal with the fallout from Brexit, while only 2 per cent of SMEs in the North have a similar plan.

    The lack of preparation comes as one fifth of export focused SMEs in the Republic plot ways to reduce their exposure to the UK market and expand into Europe or beyond.

    AIB’s index finds that of the 36 per cent of SMEs in the Republic that had planned to invest in their businesses before the UK voted to leave the EU, 10 per cent are reviewing those plans, while 8 per cent have cancelled or postponed them indefinitely. The case in the North is somewhat worse as, of the 44 per cent of SMEs who had plans to invest, 23 per cent have cancelled those plans.

    Depreciation of sterling

    In his commentary on the report, the bank’s chief economist, Oliver Mangan, noted it was still the sharp depreciation of sterling that was most impacting businesses.

    “It is particularly acute in Northern Ireland, where sterling’s weakness has increased the costs of sales for 62 per cent of SMEs. Higher inflation and import costs as a result of a weak sterling are the main factors at work here.

    “In the Republic, adverse currency movements have been identified as being by far the main negative impact on business to date of Brexit, which is hardly surprising given the reliance on the UK market for those SME firms that do export.”

    From:  The Irish Times Feb 19th 2018

  • 2 Mar 2018 11:48 AM | Liam O'Halloran (Administrator)

    Friday the 9th of February was a good day for business in North Dublin as the North Dublin Chamber of Commerce brought together local businesses and buyers from large firms to meet and explore business possibilities.

    The room was energised by thought provoking presentations on Brexit, Employee Engagement, Public Procurement and Recruitment and Retention by relevant speakers from businesses in the Region.

    AIB sponsored the event and their representatives engaged with local businesses to discuss business requirements.  Ellen Drumm, President of the Chamber ensured that those present were able to take the opportunity to meet with Buyers.  The feedback from attendees was very positive with some saying that they have agreed follow up meetings 

  • 2 Mar 2018 10:18 AM | Liam O'Halloran (Administrator)

    After years of Lobbying and Consultations to origress metro North, the Government's 2040 plan is now proposing a larger project called Metro Link.  So we go into a new process of Consultation and Business Case justification.

    The idea that we would have a project joining Swords to the Airport to Ballymun to DCU to the City which would be shovel ready is now replaced by a link that would end at Sandyford via Charlemont Luas.  This ioption is harder to justify and will take longer to implement.

    The chorus of Economists indicating that a rail link from the Airport to the City is not justified (let them take the bus!) will have a field day as the North Dublin Region struggles to attract investment with a sub-standard road infrastructure.  Its not just about people travelling to and from the Airport, its about people getting to well paid jobs where proximity to the Airport and DCU is a strategic advantage.

    Vision is great, however we will miss the investment boat linked to the growth of the Airport, DCU and the redevelopment of Ballymun and Swords over the next 10 years.  A conspiracy theorist would say that this lates move will ensure that the Link will never be built!


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